About Bart

About Bart Kasteleyn

My Story

I was born in 1959 in a Dutch city Leiden and have been fascinated by photography from an early age.

It was about a decade ago that I walked along the canals of Leiden and looked into the water. Suddenly I saw the beauty of the leaves floating in the water. At my next visit to the waterside I brought my camera with me and started taking pictures.

When I got home I was very surprised. I was astonished what I saw on the computer screen: leaves that were burning in the water, that were crying, that seemed to float in space, with bright stars in the background.

From then on I kept taking pictures and developed the passion I still have.

Over time I noticed that leaves in the water are not only present in autumn, but all year round, you just have to look a little closer.

While photographing, I am challenged by the fleeting nature of the moment, with leaves drifting by so quickly. Reflections from the surface of the water, unexpected waves, the lack of clarity of some images; they helped me further develop my skill again and again.

Now, whenever possible, I go out to the waterside to see these beautiful leaves, fallen from their tree, fragile, drifting along.

I’ll take those images home to preserve the aesthetic of their transience and share them with friends and anyone who might be interested.

On this website you can find a selection of the photos that I took in the past years. You can just admire these photos here, (see ‘PORTFOLIO’ page’) as well as buy exclusive limited prints (see ‘ORDER’ page’).


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